Cleaning repair & Maintenance for efficient formwork equipment

It goes without saying that immaculate concrete surfaces are only possible with clean formwork equipment. Brand Italia ensures all formwork materials have been cleaned and repaired so that products retain their quality and last their intended service life.
You can have clean and repair the formwork used at our special cleaning and repair centers - according to a procedure conducted by experts, and with minimal environmental impact, in accordance with uniform quality requirements and the standards of cleaning and repair.

Our experts do the job swiftly with the very latest formwork equipment and high-performance special-purpose machines. If necessary, parts are skillfully repaired, welded or replaced with genuine parts.

The benefits for you:

  • Value-for-money, high-quality cleaning and repair service
  • Savings of work space and rental time
  • No interruption of your own operations
  • staff can be deployed elsewhere

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