LNG, Italy

A project for an offshore terminal for liquefied natural gas (LNG) – technologically exemplary for Europe as a whole – has been in progress 15 km off the coast of Venice since 2005. Invisible from the shore, the storage and regasification terminal extends just 15 meters out of the water. The remaining 30 meters remain submerged beneath the water’s surface. The centerpiece of the 180 meters long facility is two large tanks, ballasted on this project by reinforced concrete walls – a world first.

The tanks have a special structure of 53 cells each that, if necessary, can be separated by bulkheads to create five totally independent sections – called mooring dolphins. Reinforced concrete is also being used for the construction of two rounds, roughly 40 meters tall columns connecting the center of each tank to the part of the terminal above the water level.

On behalf of Terminale GNL Adriatico S.r.l., we developed the formwork solutions and supplied them to the shipyard in Venice. The special challenge here was to supply formwork that is on the one hand extremely versatile, while also being capable of withstanding the extremely high pressures exerted by the reinforced concrete employed.

This has the versatility and robustness required for the construction of the concrete cubes each weighing 10,000 tons. By using MANTO panels, the various 6.5 meter high wall sections can be poured in a single lift. The comprehensive selection of panels also makes it possible to inexpensively shutter the individual tank cells without costly custom equipment. The formwork supplied to the site is rounded off with 500 m² of adjustable RONDA circular formwork for the construction of the reinforced concrete columns and timber beams for the column heads. The holes for the formwork ties are sealed with waterproof sealants.

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