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Hunnebeck Italia Solutions are committed to helping customers overcome the unprecedented challenges you face with each project. Whether innovations in building design, increased demands for environmental protection and the ever-present responsibility for safety, all combined with extraordinary pressures on timetables and budgets.


With engineers and designers covering a range of disciplines and chosen for their ability to innovate solutions that pre-empt and solve problems, and save money for our customers. Innovations can be new ways of using old methods, new applications for existing products, or something completely radical. We have the global breadth and depth to apply a solution developed in Prague to a project in Penang, with immediate cost savings and no ‘reinvention of the wheel’.

With experience and expertise stretching back over a century, we have already developed many widely used solutions, but more importantly, we have the ingenuity to devise new ones. The breadth of our product range increases our versatility, and we are adept at finding practical, intelligent solutions from the simplest to the most complex projects.


All parts of the Brand Italia business in the UK is accredited to the environmental standard ISO 14001:2004. Our comprehensive environmental policy sets out the arrangements for implementing the high standards of environmental control.
In respect to the activities we can control or expect to have reasonable influence over, we recognise our responsibility for protecting the environment and our environmental policy is a statement of that commitment.
We are also committed to the prevention of pollution and to complying with all applicable environmental, legal and regulatory requirements.


As part of our Environmental Management System we have a segregated waste policy and although we are a low impact business, we are currently addressing ways to recycle a higher percentage of branch operation waste.


All the products we use in our day to day business have an extended life cycle, with the exception of timber products which are used for scaffold boards. Our scaffold boards are purchased from three suppliers, each of whom can confirm that their products are from renewable and environmentally well managed sources.


All equipment is manufactured, rigorously inspected and maintained to its own, industry recognised, quality control standards. Our quality management team involved in the regular vetting and monitoring of suppliers to ensure they do not compromise on material and performance specifications.

The processes we follow are outlined by our comprehensive internal quality manual, guaranteeing the engineering and product specification standards that you need to work safely. Areas of the business are accredited to meet the requirements of ISO 9001:2008, maintaining dedicated commitment to high standards.  

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)

In addition to our ethical code of conduct, we are a business that enthusiastically promotes corporate social responsibility (CSR).

Proactively supporting our local communities and wider public interests, we aid local and international charities, sponsor local youth sporting teams, encourage education through dedicated training programmes and promote local employment where possible.

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